Bryant Industrial Grade 50A 125/250V, 14-50R Wall Outlet Installation Package

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Most electricians use residential grade NEMA 14-50 outlets sold at Home Depot or Lowes. Residential grade outlets (e.g. $15 Leviton outlet from Home Depot) are not sufficient to support daily vehicle charging. Residential grade outlets have fiberglass insulators that can melt or fail after a few months of frequent use. Residential grade outlets are not designed for vehicle charging; they are designed for plugging in electric range ovens and washer/dryers. These appliances only occasionally draw maximum amperage when in use, whereas EV charging draws maximum amperage for hours on end. 

For purposes of safety and reliability, Green Zuru installations use Industrial Grade 14-50R outlets (recommended by car manufacturers). Industrial grade outlets are designed for heavy-duty use. They are built with glass or ceramic insulators, which can be expected to last three to five years before replacement. 

There is a significant price difference between a $15 Leviton residential grade outlet (available at Home Depot) and the $80 industrial grade outlet that we use, but given safety, reliability, and quality considerations, we only install 14-50R 125/250V industrial grade outlets.

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Green Zuru Recommendation

Following car manufacturer recommendations and code requirements, we strongly recommend installing a dedicated wall charger unit instead of a wall outlet. There's at most a $200 difference between a "up-to-code and safe" wall outlet installation and a proper wall charger unit installation, after rebates and incentives.

For a safer, more reliable, and cost-effective charging experience, we recommend installing a dedicated wall charger. Learn More

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