Porsche Mobile Connector Wall Outlet Installation Must-Read

Porsche Level 2 14-50 NEMA Wall Outlet Installation Package

The installation bundle includes labor and parts, including: an industrial grade 50A wall outlet, GFCI circuit breaker (in accordance with the National Electric Code, Section 625.60), and requisite electrical conduit. 

Why We Use an Industrial Grade Wall Outlet

Residential outlets that most electricians use from Home Depot or Lowes aren't made with electric vehicle charging in mind. In fact, residential grade outlets have fiberglass insulators that can melt or fail after a few months of frequent use. For purposes of safety and reliability, Green Zuru installations use Industrial Grade 14-50R outlets, as recommended by car manufacturers. To learn more about the industrial grade outlet that we use, click here.

Why We Use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Circuit Breaker

Recent updates to the National Electric Code, Section 625.60 specifically mandates that GFCI breakers - which typically cost almost $100 more than regular breakers - need to be installed for wall outlets used for the purposes of electrical vehicle charging. 

Why We Recommend Wall Charging Units Over Wall Outlets

It is common for mobile chargers (connectors) from car manufacturers (e.g. Tesla, BMW, Audi) to have built-in GFCI protection. If the unit is installed with an outlet with a GFCI breaker (GFCI charger + GFCI outlet combo), this likely results in faulty trips. Frequent faulty trips lead to damage of the breaker and charger over time. 

Many customers believe that the mobile charger (connector) that comes with the car is the economical solution to daily charging needs. This is false. Factoring in the 30% federal tax credit, and compared against the added cost of the premium parts required for safe and reliable wall outlet installations, we strongly recommend installing a hardwired home charging station instead. 

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