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ϟ Hi, We are GREEN ZURU

We make home utility upgrades seamless, easy, and even delightful, starting with electric vehicle charging. Say goodbye to the stress and time-sink of sorting through multiple quotes, opaque costs, and the hassle of figuring out the paperwork to get the permits and rebates. We work with a network of expert electricians and specialists to ensure that every installation is up-to-code and meets manufacturer recommendations. Costs are upfront and transparent, and we handle the paperwork. 

  • Our Mission

    We make it easy and seamless for everyone to upgrade their home utilities and adapt to a warming world, starting with electric vehicle charging.

  • Our Team

    Based in Los Angeles, California, we are a seasoned team with experience from Uber, Shopify, Clutter, Keep Trucking, and McMaster-Carr, etc.

  • Our Value Prop

    We make the traditionally complicated and opaque experience of upgrading home utilities delightful for customers, ZURU pros, and manufacturers.

California Powered.

Proudly built and based in Los Angeles, California. Venture-backed by renowned investors.

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Green Zuru is an installation service, not a general contractor.