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Tesla Model X

ϟ Tesla Model X NEMA 14-50 Package

Green Zuru installation packages include install of a NEMA 14-50 (nema 14 50) wall outlet for the Tesla charger (mobile connector) that come equipped with every Model X. All work is done by licensed EV charger install electricians. 

Package includes parts and labor, and abides by the electrical code with safety as the highest priority. Note that given that size of the battery, level 2 charging with a 50 amp breaker, the max range per hour is 20 mph

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ϟ ZURU Recommends: Tesla Wall Charger Package

Hardwired Tesla Wall Charger is customers' preferred choice for charging Tesla at home, with up to 30 mph in range. Alternative options are available depending on electrical setup, work with a Green Zuru EV Charger Specialist to review your options. 

Federal tax rebate of 30% on wall unit purchases - Green Zuru assists with paperwork and rebates.