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ϟ Tesla NEMA 14-50 Installation Package

No need to sort through multiple Tesla charger install quotes, Green Zuru makes charging Tesla at home effortlessly easy. Get professional electrician install of NEMA 14-50 wall outlet for the Tesla mobile charger that comes with your Tesla Model S.

We recommend Model S owners to seriously consider installing the Tesla wall charger instead due to the limited range (23 mph) with a NEMA 14-50 wall outlet.  Learn More.

ϟ ZURU Recommends: Tesla Wall Charger Install Package

Recommended by Tesla for safety, reliability, and quality. Tesla Model S can get up to max charge speed of 34 mph with a hardwired Tesla wall charger. Save 30% on wall charging units via the Federal Tax Credit, Green Zuru helps you with the paperwork.

Don't know which solution is right for your electrical setup? Get a quote today and work with a Tesla Charger Install Specialist to find the best option for your Tesla Model S and home electrical setup.