Collection: J1772 Home Charger Installation Packages

NEMA 14-50 (nema 14 50) installation for electric vehicle home chargers. Upfront pricing, professional electrician installation, and we take care of California clean vehicle rebate paperwork. For Ford mach-e charger, Audi e-tron charger, Chevy Bolt charger, and all non-Tesla ev charger installations.
  • Step 1: Get Quote

    Upfront-pricing, clear costs, and EV Charger Install Specialists to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. No fuss, just good service.

  • Step 2: Book Installation

    Easy online scheduling, let us handle the rest. Whether it's permits, rebate paperwork, or tax incentive forms, we've got your covered. Easy peasy, seriously.

  • Step 3: Charge at Home

    We work with a network of licensed, insured, and bonded electricians with proven ev charger install experience for safe and reliable installations.

ϟ Fully Charged.

Green Zuru makes home charger installations simple.